To subtract sugar alcohol from net carbs or not, that is a very important question for keto dieters. A lot of companies market their foods with 'Net Carbs' on the packaging with sugar alcohol subtracted from that number.

It is important to know that not all sugar alcohol are created equally. All of them are digested differently, have a different glycemic index and also have a different calorie amount per gram.

Net carbs sugar alcohol

Package promoting "2 grams" net carbs.

A gram of sugar contains 4 calories and has a glycemic index of 60. We will use this as a base to our chart below.

Sugar and Sugar Alcohols Comparison

Ingredient Glycemic Index Calories (per gram)
Sugar 60 4
Maltitol Syrup 52 3
Maltitol 37 2.7
Xylitol 36 2.5
Isomalt 9 2.1
Sorbitol 9 2.5
Lactitol 6 2
Mannitol 1.5 1.5
Erythritol 0 0.2
Table source

Shopping tricks

When shopping for chewing gum search for products using Xylitol, most use Maltitol.

A lot of snack bars also use Maltitol. Look for those using Xylitol, or even better Erythritol!

The best tip of all is alway look at the packaging. Marketers will do anything to take your money, it is up to you to make sure you are buying great products that fit into your diet.

Calorie Counter by Keto Recipes

By default we do not subtract sugar alcohol from net carbs here at KetoRecipes. This mainly has to do with the fact that a lot of foods use more then one type of sweetener and it is very difficult to accurately calculate the number.

Our advice is to 'guesstimate' based on the chart below and the ingredients listed on your foods. We are working hard at adding an option in our premium service to help you calculate this number that we will be launching soon!

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