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Pimento cheese is a great dip for celery sticks, raw cauliflower or broccoli florets. It can also be used, heated, in various recipes.

Keep your pimento cheese in the refrigerator, and when ever you feel like a Keto-friendly snack, pull it out and enjoy this sharp flavorful homemade cheese spread. read more

Noodles made from squid keep this pasta dish extremely low carb. Start with a low carb tomato sauce then add fresh veggies to complete the dish. read more

For all of you couscous lovers, here is a keto friendly version made from cauliflower. Perfect on the side of your favorite meat dishes. read more

Delightful full fat fudge bars from The perfect dessert for all low carb and keto dieters. read more

Salmon is one of my favorite fishes and I usually eat it by itself. After trying this recipe I will never eat it without this very tasty pesto sauce! Made from spinach and arugula the sauce is a perfect compliment to the baked salmon.

This meal also has perfect macros for keto dieters, with a good amount of v... read more

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