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Enjoying a Ketogenic diet can be difficult when you crave certain foods. And pasta is one of those. So is chicken! We used chicken breast, but for a higher fat content, use chicken thighs or legs. To beat your noodle craving, try shirataki noodles. For added flavor, fibre and fat, we use pesto and buttery sautéed v... read more

Celery, tuna and cabbage make the perfect snack! In this recipe we will top celery sticks with a cabbage stuffing made with tuna, olive oil, lemon and mayo. These can be refrigerated and enjoy throughout the week. read more

Beef pan rolls are often made with a pancake-like crepe that encases the beef. This Keto friendly version gives you the option of wrapping it in Lettuce Leaves, Fried Eggs or even Bacon if you prefer. These rolls are perfect by themselves or with your favorite keto friendly dipping sauce. read more

Here we have a very tasty, very meaty salad that is perfect for lunch! This is basically a bun-less burger in salad form. Beef, Bacon and cheese mixed with greens and a fatty dressing. read more

Chicken stew made with a variety of spices and vegetables! This is a very unique dish and goes great with keto friendly bread sticks. read more

I am a huge fan of chicken burgers, and this recipe is by far my favorite low carb burger of all time. Within only 20 minutes you will make a lettuce bun burger that is spicy and full of flavor. read more

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