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A keto friendly protein shake packed with protein and natural fats. We use soy isolate protein with almond milk to lower the net carbs. Add in spinach, cocoa and peanut butter to add vitamins, fiber and some extra fat. read more

Perfect shake to wake your ass up! Protein is optional but I like to use it as I drink this shake after working out. read more

This shepherds pie tasted absolutely delicious, very easy to make and has very few carbs. Instead of potatoes we use mashed cauliflower seasoned with basil, butter and cheese. read more

Patience goes a long way when it comes to frying fish (something I learned from my old grandmother). You need to keep a close eye while frying fish, making sure you adjust the heat on the stove in order to get a crispy exterior. It helps to allow the fish to cook a little longer on medium low heat as this will leav... read more

This ketosis friendly appetizer or snack is both delicious and satisfies your macros. Use large white button mushrooms for this recipe and fresh ingredients. Surprisingly easy to make, professional looking, these will impress at a dinner party, or perfect for the grill! Perfect keto friendly finger food! read more

Mango is quite high in sugar and carbs. The taste is unparalleled, however, sweet & tropical, there's nothing like it. By using a very ripe mango you will get some fiber, so net carbs will be lower and since we are using such a small amount of mango and no other added sugar, The macros are acceptable for a respectab... read more

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