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Very easy and simply chicken kebabs that are almost no carb! These go great for lunch, dinner or even a snack in between meals. read more

This is a great base sauce, different from a Bechamel, much simpler, richer in flavor and higher in fat since we use heavy cream. It is so easy to make and will really knock the socks off of your guests since it's so delicious.

This recipe was adapted from a beautiful Italian woman who learned to cook for her... read more

Tandoori Chicken, a very keto friendly dish, can be used in so many ways. If you have any leftovers, simply shred the chicken and add to a salad. You could also use it as a topping on a keto Pizza. Tandoori Chicken Spice Powder can be made at home but since it's very affordable and easily available in so many Indian... read more

This is your basic quesadilla recipe. You could add roasted/grilled chicken or even cooked and finely chopped sausages to the filling. As always guacamole and sour cream compliment quesadillas very well. read more

Zoodles, or zucchini noodles, are a great low carb alternative to spaghetti or any other wheat based noodle. Topped with a lot of butter and a little white wine, our Shrimp Scampi is absolutely delicious and works very well with the zucchini noodles. read more

Dukkah Spice with its bold nutty flavor helps you get dinner ready in minutes. Look for organic Dukkah Spice Blends in the International Aisle at the grocery store. You can also whip up this spice mix at home and play around with the ingredients if you want to make a big batch.

If you're cooking for just on... read more

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